Kim Petras Confirms Debut Album ‘Feed The Beast’

It's out on June 23rd...

Kim Petras will release her debut album ‘Feed The Beast’ on June 23rd.

A trailblazing pop icon, Kim Petras has achieved it all – hits, headlines, and no small degree of global exposure. Now fans are close to securing another triumph – yep, she’s laid out plans for her debut album.

Long-awaited LP ‘Feed The Beast’ hits home on June 23rd, released through Republic Records/Amigo Records.

Alongside this, Kim Petras appears on the covers of Sports Illustrated’s swimwear issue – another barrier broken for trans representation. She’s pictured wearing a swimsuit by Natalia Fedner and earrings by Alexis Bittar (photographed by Yu Tsai in Los Angeles). 

Speaking to Clash in 2020 about the importance of representation, Kim Petras mused: “I don’t want to inspire the cool kids who have everything or have everything figured out. I want to inspire the lost kids who feel like me…”

“I was always told I was transgender and I was always going to be a niche artist or ‘you’re too pop’ or ‘you’re too flashy.’ I feel like with me being all of the things that openly define me, I give my fans the feeling that they can do the same thing.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the Nicki Minaj aided steamy banger ‘Alone’ is continuing to cause a ruckus – check out the video below.

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