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Kid Carpet is set to record the soundtrack to the forthcoming 'Repo Man' sequel.

A true eccentric, Kid Carpet makes music using children's toys. Buying up old organs from charity shops, the Bristol producer has produced several albums which are by turns bewildering and inspiring.

Forever on the fringes, Kid Carpet is now set to gain Hollywood acceptance. Asked to provide the soundtrack for the new film 'Repo Chick' the Bristol producer is set to hook up with director Alex Cox.

The sequel to cult film 'Repo Man' the new film has been in production for some time. Now rumour is set to turn into celluloid, with Kid Carpet reflecting on how he came to produce the soundtrack.

"Like most opportunities that come my way, this one was very convoluted and strange,” says Carpet. “I'd never looked in the spam folder of my email account before - there was some fanmail in there from a lady in America, talking about how she and her partner were Kid Carpet fans, and that her partner made films and might like to use some of my music.“

It turned out that the film maker was Alex Cox. “I remembered his voice from the Moviedrome BBC documentary series from the 80s, which he presented,” says Carpet. “So by now I was really excited. I'd love to make music for films, especially Alex Cox films. He made Sid n Nancy and Repo Man, great punk rock films. It was a lot of fun, I’d love to do more of it.”

The resulting material will be heard later this year when 'Repo Chick' gains a general release. The soundtrack itself will be released on dan le sac's new label Dumb Drum on April 18th.

“Kid Carpet is ace simply because of his ability to write perfect pop songs but to deliver them with a level of oddness not seen outside of Monty Python,” says le sac. “The NME called him the "Fisher-Price Future of Dance" but I like to think of him as the "Tamagotchi of Pop" - keep him fed & entertained and he'll keep returning the favour.”

Kid Carpet is due to release 'Repo Chick' on April 18th.

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