Bizarre moment on group's Tube tour

Hotly tipped Manchester group Kid British successfully undertook a number of guerilla gigs yesterday (January 20th) and managed to rope in London mayor Boris Johnson for one show.

The band recently released their rather-quite-good EP 'Leave London'. The songs on the release namecheck landmarks such as Euston Station, as well as the London Underground's Northern Line and District Line. So logically enough, the band attempted to lay guerilla gigs in all the places mentioned.

Whilst travelling between shows Kid British apparently found themselves on the same train carriage as controversial mayor Boris Johnson. Still sweating from their previous show, and more importantly still holding their guitars, the band leaped into a rendition of 'Leave London' for the politician.

The band also managed to get themselves in trouble with the police, being asked to leave London Bridge Station as they were blocking the ticket gates.

Kid British' new EP 'Leave London' is available now.

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