His debut album will be released later this year...

KHUSHI has shared his brave new song 'From Me' - tune in now.

The artist previously worked as a member of Strong Asian Mothers, but turned solo to express something more personal.

Recently working on James Blake's album 'Assume Form', his own debut LP is slated to come in the coming months.

For now, we're able to soak up beautiful new release 'From Me', a song about ridding himself of negative emotions.

He explains: “This song began life when the opening melody came to me on the way back home from a night out. I went straight to my shed and recorded a rough version of the instrumental. Later down the line I wrote the song over it.”

“The lyrics are to do with a desire to be rid of any mental or emotional weight that you have been struggling under for too long. And more specifically, at points in the song, to do with a feeling of being constricted around other people, being held back by the real or imagined perceptions and judgements of others, and a desire to be more free from that.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Jack Bridgland

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