Kenzie TTH Shares New Seven-Tracker ‘We Stayed Too Long’

Constructed alongside Leon Vynehall...

Kenzie TTH has shared new EP ‘We Stayed Too Long’.

The Boston-born multidisciplinary artist is now based in London, immersing herself in the city’s complex network of creativity communities. Finding like-minds along the way, chance brought her into contact with revered producer Leon Vynehall.

Together, they’ve built new seven track project ‘We Stayed Too Long’ from the ground up. As a songwriter, Kenzie TTH thrives on honesty, with herself and with those around her – the material here cuts deep, yet it’s also incredibly open.

Explicitly left-field electronic pop, the song cycle moves from spoken word to jagged techno production via something more finessed, melodic, and succinct. She says:

“I just wanted to write something honest — something that isn’t self-conscious about where it fits within the zeitgeist or cultural lexicon. I really just hope it reaches the people who resonate with it because it is so personal”.

“It was written about a time when everything was exciting and nothing felt certain except the idea that I wasn’t alone in my feelings of uncertainty. There was this super naive blind faith that everything was going to work out, because it just had to. It plays out sort of just like a day in my life a few years back, going to meet a friend who’s in town to catch up about how we are, who’s doing what, where we’re going and usually why things aren’t panning out the way we thought they might.” 

Tune in now.

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