It's from El-P and Killer Mike...
Run The Jewels

El-P and Killer Mike may just have provided the best response yet to Kendrick Lamar's 'Control' verse.

In one fell swoop, Kendrick Lamar established a hefty case for becoming the Hottest Rapper On The Planet Right Now. Dropping past a session with Big Sean, the Compton MC recorded a verse for 'Control', which hit the web earlier this week.

Trending globally for 24 hours, it saw the West Coast talent anoint himself as the 'King of New York'. Since then, virtually every rapper in the game has posted a response, with the verse seemingly discussed by almost everyone with a passing interest in hip hop.

The duo behind the astonishing Run The Jewels mixtape, El-P and Killer Mike stopped past for a video interview. Asked about the 'Control' verse the pair audibly groaned, before El-P decided to offer what might just be the most reasoned reply to the track yet.

"It's so funny to me to see people freak out - all these born-again hip-hop purists and shit," El-P said. "Lyrics are important! No shit... Some of us been going for the throat our whole careers. Me and Mike, we listen to that shit, and we laugh, like yes. Other motherfuckers are sitting there sweating. Not us. We're just like, cool, we got another one on our team... It's crazy to me that anyone's like freaking out over someone being ill. Like, of course you're supposed to be incredible... It shouldn't be rare. It shouldn't be surprising."

(via Pitchfork)

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