Debut album 'Take Me Apart' is incoming...

Kelela has shared new track 'LMK' - tune in now.

The Stateside performer has developed a reciprocal relationship with some of the most daring voices in club culture, leading to a string of vital releases.

Debut album 'Take Me Apart' drops on Warp later this year, with Kelela signalling her intentions with staggering new track 'LMK'.

A declaration of personal and artistic independence, the rolling snares and ominous sub-low textures sit against her velvet delivery and those spiralling harmonies.

A concise demonstration of where she intends to head on her debut album, it's a pretty incredible opening statement.

Tune in now.

'Take Me Apart' will be released on October 6th. Tracklisting:

1. Frontline
2. Waitin
3. Take Me Apart
4. Enough
5. Jupiter
6. Better
7. LMK
8. Truth Or Dare
9. S.O.S.
10. Blue Light
11. Onanon
12. Turn To Dust
13. Bluff
14. Altadena

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