Kelela Offers Her Pre-Game With Riveting New Song ‘Contact’

New album 'RAVEN' is incoming...

Lucid electronic experimentalist Kelela returns with new single ‘Contact’.

Kelela’s debut album ‘Take Me Apart’ had an explosive impact on its 2017 release, paving the way for countless alt-R&B artists. Few can truly rival her, though; emphatically creative, the way she melds club tropes with stellar songwriting results in a special, special brew.

New album ‘RAVEN’ is out on February 10th, and it’s eagerly anticipated by fans. Stripped from the LP, new single ‘Contact’ is online now, and it finds Kelela tapping into her pre-game.

A song for revving up the energy levels, ‘Contact’ is about preparing to walk into a sweaty club – a song with a defined sense of narrative, it races to that passion-soaked conclusion.

Kelela comments…

“‘Contact’ has a little bit of something for every part of the night. It’s a soundtrack for ‘pre-gaming’ (a song to play as you’re getting ready or on your way to the club). It’s also the interior club experience: the heat that envelops you when you walk into a packed rave. All this culminates in a very naughty, psychedelic moment in the back of the club with a lover.”

Kelela’s Rave:n tour kicks off on March 16th, you can find tickets online.

Tune in now.

credit – Neva Wireko

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