Keke Palmer Releases ‘Big Boss’ Album

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Keke Palmer has released her ‘Big Boss’ album.

The actress is known for her role in Nope, and has been teasing her new album for some time. Singles such as ‘Love Language’ and ‘I Care’ trail the new LP, which follows her back to back ‘Virgo Tendencies’ EP in 2020.

Out now, ‘Big Boss’ finds Keke Palmer releasing a full album and documentary, which is on Amazon Music now. Sharing a previous clip, she described the movie as “a musical narrative that chronicles [her] experience in the music industry.”

Sharing the album and film in full, Keke Palmer said:

“My new film and album, ‘Big Boss’, is dropping on May 12 and I am beyond excited for you all to experience it! Thank you for joining me on this journey.”

“It costs to be the BOSS! That’s the very fulfilling but harsh truth,” she added. “To get things done the way YOU want them, you have to invest. Not only your money but your time blood, sweat, and tears without certainty that it will come back to you. I have done this time and time again but not always with confidence and not always with pride.”

“Everything won’t be perfect the first time but you learn each time you follow through with your desire to create something and share it with the world,” she said. “Before you know it you will make masterpieces like nobody else.”

Listen to ‘Big Boss’ below

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