Still not happy with politicians

Timid trio Keane have stretched their fangs after re-igniting a row with the Conservative party.

Often seen as being 'middle Englanders' Keane would seem to be prime candidates for the Conservative party. However nothing could be further from the truth, with the trio waging war on Tory politicians.

At a recent election rally the party used Keane's track 'Everybody's Changing' without permission, causing a furious response from the band. Drummer Richard Hughes told fans that he was furious with the action, and felt that groups should have a right to refuse the use of their music in such a fashion.

With the Conservatives in power via a Liberal Democrat coalition it doesn't seem to have held the politicians back. However Keane still are not happy, with Richard Hughes explaining his feelings to Radio 4.

"I feel at that kind of event it would just be polite to check that the band wouldn't mind being associated with the party," he told Front Row.

Continuing, the drummer claimed the choice of song was itself "strange" while Keane had also received a letter from the Conservatives saying the use of their music "was in no way intended to support David Cameron's campaign".

David Cameron is reportedly a fan of the piano led trio.

A similar move in French politics saw MGMT go to war with President Sarkozy. In bad news for David Cameron, the Brooklyn space cadets won although it's doubtful of 'Congratulations' will be used to aid a political campaign.

Meanwhile, Keane have raced to number one with their new EP 'Night Train'. According to figures from the Official Chart Company, the band have now sold over 4.5 million albums to date.

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