Fans show off artistic side

Keane have launched a new competition which allows fans to design a new t-shirt for the band.

Keane have a close relationship with their fans. The affable trio have battled internal trauma, with one member even forced to book into the Priory in order to receive treatment for drug and alcohol problems.

The band returned last year with their 'Perfect Symmetry' album, racing to the top of the charts. Always writing, Keane roped in a number of collaborators earlier this year for a fresh batch of material.

The result was 'The Night Train' a surprising collection which saw the timid trio unite with a batch of guest musicians and rappers. Expanding the band's trademark sound until it breaks, the album preceded a summer of heavy touring.

Now the band have launched a competition to let fans show off their artistic side. In an announcement Keane explained that: "we're pleased to launch another competition which will allow Keane fans to show off their artistic abilities - with a contest to design a Keane T-shirt, which will then be sold in the official Keane shop!"

The design brief is as follows:

- Original artwork only
- The design must be on the front of the T-shirt only
- The design must contain a maximum of three colours

Only one design is allowed per person, while entries must be sent in by 11:59pm on Thursday September 30th. Keane will choose the winner themselves, with the winning entry set to be put into production as a limited edition web shop exclusive. The winner will receive:

- A framed T-shirt proof autographed by the band
- Five free T-shirts
- £100 gift card to the Keane web store

Click HERE for more details.

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