Keane ‘Horrified’ By Tories

Conservatives play their song at conference

Timid trio Keane have bared their claws after the Conservative party used one of their songs without permission.

Music and politics rarely mix these days. For every Bruce Springsteen rockin’ on the campaign trail there are a thousand failed protest singers, performing maudlin tracks which decry a varied list of woes.

Keane aren’t ones to get political. The trio’s music tends to be laid back if slightly melancholic, rarely venturing into the arena of Parliaments and elections. However the band have hit out after the Conservatives used one of their tracks to help launch their new manifesto.

Launching the document at a special conference in London, the Conservatives decided to use Keane’s 2004 hit ‘Everybody’s Changing’. Now the band have hit back, claiming that they did not ask permission to use the track.

Speaking on Twitter, Keane drummer Richard Hughes claimed that he was “horrified”.

Told the Tories played Keane at their manifesto launch,” he wrote. “Am horrified. To be clear – we were not asked. I will not vote for them.”

The conference was attended by some 500 Conservative candidates, as well as new members, supporters and the media. David Bowie’s classic hit ‘Changes’ was also played, laying out a theme for the Conservative party.

Keane could have a precedent in this. MGMT successfully took on French President Sarkozy after he repeatedly used their track ‘Kids’ in his campaign adverts, while Fatboy Slim once took on the Tory party after they used his material without permission.

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