Katy Kirby Announces New Album ‘Blue Raspberry’

It's out on January 26th...

Katy Kirby will release new album ‘Blue Raspberry’ on January 26th.

The songwriter’s solo debut in 2021 was a work of self-discovery, the sound of someone finally managing to get their emotions down on tape. Since then, Katy has been able to perform the material live, achieving intimate connection in the process.

New album ‘Blue Raspberry’ offers something different. Tracing the rise and collapse of her first queer relationship, it finds Katy allowing herself to be utterly exposed.

She says…

“This record is much more personal than I intended it to be. I was in a period of experimenting with how I write, and what came out was a song about a woman, about an imagined her – I didn’t think I was writing as or about myself, but these kinds of songs kept coming out, with fragments of overlapping lyrics linking them together like beads on a string. They seemed to inhabit the same world.”

New single ‘Table’ is a moment of light on the record, something she terms “a thematic outlier” for the project as a whole. In Katy’s words, it’s “more of a lighthearted leftover from my god-haunted past life – it’s the last on the album and sort of serves as an epilogue or outro for the rest of the songs. Most importantly it’s quite fun to sing.”

The visuals were directed by Lane Rodges, the clip featuring Katy Kirby in puritan-styled garb, a gesture that points to the limitations of being raised as a homeschooled evangelical Christian.

Tune in now.

1. Redemption Arc
2. Fences
3. Cubic Zirconia
4. Hand to Hand
5. Wait Listen
6. Drop Dead
7. Party of the Century
8. Alexandria
9. Salt Crystal
10. Blue Raspberry
11. Table

Photo Credit: Tonje Thilesen 

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