Katie Malco, Laura Stevenson Combine On ‘Fatal Attraction’

Part of a series of single releases...

Katie Malco inaugurates a new string of single releases with ‘Fatal Attraction’.

The UK songwriter’s ace debut album merged lyrical insight with beautiful use of melody, forever burrowing down into her feels.

Since then Katie Malco has hit the road, and those shows have enabled her to build a community of like-minds. Pushing ahead, the Northampton-based artist is lining up a string of single releases, each blessed with a female / non-binary guest.

The British artist played SXSW a few years back, and shared a bill with Laura Stevenson. The two kept in touch, vowing to work on something – and now the stars have aligned.

‘Fatal Attraction’ takes its cues from the famed 1987 film, and this sense of narrative gives the song its intrinsic structure. Songwriting with the slenderness of a spider’s web, it plays with tension and release, the two vocalists intertwining perfectly.

Katie Malco comments…

I lived alone throughout lockdown and became quite obsessed with erotic thrillers. I have a monthly newsletter where I do a rambling deep dive on a classic / weird movie each month, so I guess I’m into leftfield / cult movies in general. However, the erotic thriller is such a strange genre of movie, and one that could only ever have existed in the era it did. I watched basically every movie starring Michael Douglas, including the most classic of all the erotic thrillers – Fatal Attraction.

Strangely, I realised that Fatal Attraction might be one of the most relatable movies I’ve ever seen. The scariest and most gripping parts are in the intense rage felt at the hands of selfish and careless behaviour and the self-loathing that comes with it. It almost becomes an analogy of society at large, where the men always seem to get away with it, and nobody else does. Boiling bunnies and stalking aside, you could liken Glenn Close’s character to the entire non-male population, fighting to be heard and to be equal.

Tune in now.

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