Katie Gregson-MacLeod Shares ‘songs written for piano’

A beautifully sculpted selection of songs...

Scottish songwriter Katie Gregson-MacLeod has shared her new project ‘songs written for piano’.

It’s been an incredible year for the Inverness riser, whose song ‘complex’ made such a deep impression. Racing across TikTok, it became a bona fide chart hit in demo form, bowling over all who came across its path.

But she’s not about to stop there. New project ‘songs for piano’ is a strong introduction to her talents, featuring Katie’s graceful vocal amplifying her piano-led songwriting.

She comments…

“I had the idea for this body of work really early on into the process of ‘complex’ being released and all the craziness around it. I’ve always wanted to release a stripped back acoustic EP and when ‘complex’ – a song released in demo form first with just piano and vocal – resonated with so many people I felt it was a perfect opportunity to release a body of work that fell within that world sonically and thematically.”

Her beautiful song ‘white lies’ illustrates her breadth, and it finds Katie Gregson-Macleod working with Matt Maltese – who, incidentally, is one of her favourite songwriters. Lyrically, it discusses “the feeling of growing apart from someone you’d not long ago yearned for” and finds Katie dealing with this in a mature, frank, and open way.

Refreshingly melodic, she presents something moving, and also inviting. She explains…

This is the most recent song on the EP and at the time of writing, I’d been experiencing so many changes to my own life and was the busiest I’d ever been. In that process I guess I was feeling detached from my feelings for this person. So when I went in to write with Matt Maltese, the main question that arose was around whether that feeling was a natural result of slowly growing apart or if I had just been really successful at distracting myself.”

“I was really chuffed to be writing with Matt, someone I’d looked up to as a writer for a long time, to the point where I didn’t even realise how special the song was until Matt sent over the first demo. We’d just met that day but it was such an honest writing process and the song was finished really quickly. It’s definitely one of my favourite songs I’ve written.”

Tune in now.

Check out the full EP below…

Photo Credit: Megan Henderson

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