Kate Moross Corrections

Magazine mistakes rectified...

ClashMusic.com would like to take a moment of your time to correct a couple of wrongs published in our latest issue (issue 36).

We featured Kate Moross (pictured) in our Fashion section. However, factual inaccuracies made it into the magazine that should not have slipped the net.

Tsk tsk, naughty sub-editors.

So, we’d like to state that:

* Kate worked on Simian Mobile Disco’s ‘Synthesise’ video, not ‘Synthesizer’ as written in the magazine. SMD have not, as stated in the magazine, released on Kate’s Isomorph Records; they are signed to Wichita.

* The Apes & Androids 7” cover is wrongly labeled as ‘Pink With Knives Cover’ in the magazine, when it is, obviously (it has two ‘A’s on it) by Apes & Androids.

* ‘Pink With Knives’ should be Cutting Pink With Knives anyway, whose own cover in the magazine feature is wrongly labeled ‘Cutting Pink And Androids’.

* The t-shirt Kate designed for T-Post is labeled ‘Kate Moross Badges’; the credit should read ‘Image courtesy of T-Post Magazine’.

We’d like to extend our apologies to Kate and associated acts and organisations mislabelled in issue 36 of Clash magazine. Besides the above-noted mistakes, the feature’s pretty much all killer – you should read it, probably.

Find Kate Moross on MySpace HERE, for the learning of more and such jazz.

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