Kate Bollinger Announces Debut Album ‘Songs From A Thousand Frames Of Mind’

It's out on September 27th...

LA based songwriter Kate Bollinger has shared plans for her debut album ‘Songs From A Thousand Frames Of Mind’.

The artist was raised in Virginia, and she retains deep links to the music community there. One such link permeates her debut album – it was co-produced alongside Matthew E. White.

Out on September 27th, ‘Songs From A Thousand Frames Of Mind’ is a portrait of a young artist in evolution, the project profiling the shifts in her life, while also acting as a pivot to propel her forwards.

New song ‘Any Day Now’ leads the way – kicked off in LA by two Virginians, it was finished in New York, finally recorded live, in that classic manner.

Kate comments: “My good friend Matt [E. White] was visiting from Virginia and we got together to play some music. We wrote this song and then drove around Los Angeles together. That same day he helped me realize the kind of record I wanted to make, which I subconsciously knew but couldn’t really find the words for until then…”

“A few months later, I recorded the song at Sam’s [Evian] place in upstate New York with a band we put together. We spent the first day practicing the songs. The next day we recorded the first two songs, ‘Any Day’ Now being the second one. We did it all live in the room, no headphones or click, done in the spirit of most of my favorite music from the late 60s.”

Director Ambar Navarro constructs the video – tune in below.

1. What’s This About (La La La La)
2. To Your Own Devices
3. Any Day Now
4. God Interlude
5. Lonely
6. Running
7. In A Smile
8. Postcard From A Cloud
9. I See It Now
10. Sweet Devil
11. All This Time

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