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'Love Just Ain't Enough'

Kara Marni is set to soar.

The rising vocalist's potential is near undaunted, with her ambition matched only by her natural talent. Soulful, pop-edged R&B with a UK slant, her initial releases have been greeted rapturously by fans. 

Announcing debut EP 'Love Just Ain't Enough' is the most stylish way possible, it's set to drop this week and comes from a deeply personal place.

"I’ve called my debut EP Love Just Ain’t Enough because I don’t think love on its own is always enough to sustain a relationship with someone," she tells Clash. "I think you need really need to have things in common, compatibility and at times a selflessness and that’s what actually what makes ‘love’ work!"

At times, the EP delves into heartbreak, regret, and loss, but there's always an edge of pure beauty amidst the darkness. "For me personally, I find it easier to write about negative emotions," Kara continues. "I think that’s because the negative stuff is what I talk about less and when I turn to paper i write things I find harder to discuss with family and friends - I was sure to include tracks like 'Gullible' and 'Selfish' on this project to illustrate this."

Out shortly, the new EP is a major moment for the newcomer, bringing together countless hours, weeks, months in the studio. She comments:

"This EP is the culmination of years of hard work and really honing my skills as a writer and artist so I’m so excited to share it with everyone! My little babies are ready to be be released to the rest of the world!"

"I teamed up with a few different writers for the songs – Invisible Men and Sebastian Kole, Mullaly who I wrote one of my favs with on the EP called ‘Gullible’. Talay Riley for Curve and Sam Harper who I wrote Selfish with which is another one of my favourites on the EP!"

"All this before I head on tour with the wonderful Rita Ora tomorrow. Emotional, nerve wracking but most of all exciting! I'm glad my EP drops the day before tour as hopefully will give the people coming to the shows a chance to hear some of the tracks I’ll be playing! I cannot wait to be touring with two fabulous women - Rita, and Raye. It’s a packed week and it’s going to be a blast!"

Tune in below.

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