Lawsuit confirmed...
Kanye West

Kanye West is set to be sued following a spat with a paparazzo at LAX airport.

Kanye West has always endured a fraught relationship with the media. The rapper is one of America's most high profile entertainers, with his every move being followed by the click of a camera and the flash of a lightbulb.

Attempting to board a flight at LAX airport earlier this year, the hip hop icon became involved in a spat with a photographer. The lensman is now taking Kanye West to court, with the case set to be heard later this year.

Opting not to press felony charges, the cameraman has decided to have the charge heard as a misdemeanour. As THR reports, the photographer has also hired high profile lawyer Gloria Allred to handle the case.

THR carries a statement indicating that Gloria Allred will attempt "strongly condemn the support that some celebrities have give Kanye West for his attack on the 'paparazzi'".

Continuing, the lawyer urged Kanye West to apologise. "That would be a start," she said. "Kanye needs to do the right thing." The case is set to be heard later this year.

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