Band Seek New Direction

Indie titans Kaiser Chiefs have hit out at their contemporaries, claiming in a BBC interview that "indie by numbers is boring".

The band are promoting new album "Off With Their Heads" - due out on October 13th. In an interview with the BBC frontman Ricky Wilson claimed that the new album will be "weird and fresh and radical" - and a departure from the now typical 'indie' sound.

Wilson argued that when the Kaisers first broke "there weren't any bands that sounded like us because we were a bit different". Now, however, he feels that "there's millions of bands that can get into the top 10 now. And at the time it was impossible to get into the top 10."

But not impossible for the nine artists who made up the rest of the top ten. The band were in fighting form in the interview, but were keen to reassure fans that the new album retains key elements of their sound, saying "it's definitely us". New producer Mark Ronson was apparently instrumental in the band's new direction, and the relationship was reportedly a happy one with the Kaisers claiming "It didn't feel like work, it felt like making music".

"Off With Their Heads" by Kaiser Chiefs is due to be released on October 13th.