Kael Alden Shares Hypnotic New Electronic Cut ‘Thin Air’

Check out the beautiful new video...

Kael Alden has shared new track ‘Thin Air’.

The multi-disciplinary artist grew up in a Colorado small town during the 80s, obsessed by the sounds he’d hear on AM radio. Soaking up classic rock and Motown, these songs seeped into his own, even though his own work took him in a myriad different directions.

A key component of indie group Faded Paper Figures, he’s also a noted composer for film and television – a true polymath, you could say.

New solo album ‘Saturated Highs’ is out now, a carefully finessed song cycle that dips into personal themes. Key track ‘Thin Air’ has gained huge acclaim, with its mature approach, emotional depth, and refreshingly creative approach to electronic production.

Reminiscent of James Blake or Nick Hakim, it’s a finely sculpted piece, with a beautiful vocal. An atmospheric cut, ‘Thin Air’ comes with a stunning video, one driven forwards by Kael’s own creativity.

He comments…

“In most cases a songwriter will write and record a song, and then go about creating a video for it after the fact. But my process for ‘Thin Air’ was actually the reverse. I had only sketched the beginnings of the beat as I set out with my camera to capture some beautiful sunsets around my neighborhood. One cold December night I sat perched on an overlook filming gold and pink skies while listening to the sketch and contemplating lyrics. At that moment my camera lens happened across a jet way off in the distance, heading who knows where. As it vanished over the horizon the idea for ‘Thin Air’ was born.”

Tune in now.

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