Kabeaushé Shares Divine New Single ‘Pottasium’

A mission statement from the Kenyan artist...

Kenyan artist Kabeaushé has shared their gorgeous new single ‘Pottasium’.

This unique creative figure has always felt different from their peers, embracing softness and unity, drawn towards the cuter aspects of life, during an adolescence dominated by ultra-masculine competition.

As a result, Kabeaushé makes music that sounds unique, utterly alien, and yet also totally inviting. A mini-documentary via Ngeye Negeye from 2022 looks closer at their methods, and it remains a totally fascinating insight into a remarkable human being.

An artist who thrives on amalgam and hybridisation, Kabeaushé was drawn to outsider figures like Prince and Grace Jones from a young age, before embracing the lush worldscapes presented by Bollywood cinema.

More recently Kabeaushé has cited Tyler, the Creator as a key influence, and his approach – but definitely not the sound – comes through on divine new single ‘Potassium’. A swirling morass of sounds, the heavenly plucked harp notes intermesh with their emphatic vocal.

The first sign of incoming debut album ‘The Comming Of Gaze’ – out on May 12th via Hakuna Kulala – it comes backed with some incredibly imaginative visuals.

Tune in now.

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