French group get arty

French electro house merchants Justice have designed a new bottle for Coca-Cola.

Emerging from the same Parisian house scene that spawned Daft Punk, Justice have an altogether rockier edge. With massive volume and stunning lighting, the group's live show has become a thing of legend.

Just as well they recorded it for last year's stunning DVD 'A Cross The Universe'. Capturing the sights and sounds of the Justice live experience, it may well be the best dance tour film since 'Alive'.

The French DJs designed the bottle in conjunction with acclaimed artist So_Me. In an ongoing campaign titled Club Coke the company has invited artists such as Jua Jiang to design a bottle.

It is not known where and when the bottle will be commercially released.

The design was officially launched at the Paris VIP Club on February 11th with a DJ set by Justice, reports

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