Julie Byrne’s ‘The Greater Wings’ Is Shaped By Commitment

It's a beautiful piece of songwriting...

Julie Byrne has shared her new song ‘The Greater Wings’.

The songwriter’s new album ‘The Greater Wings’ is out on July 8th, released through Ghostly International. Constructed alongside the late Eric Littmann, sessions were completed alongside Alex Somers.

The title song is online now, and it’s a remarkable work, shot through with maturity and wisdom. Lyrically, few can reach her, while melodically Julie Byrne dares to be inventive, dares to perpetually try something new.

“There’s music in the walls, you were with the moment with your life across the chord,” she sings, before adding: “We hold the pact: Forever Underground, Name my grief to let it sing, To carry you up on the Greater Wings.”

Discussing the song, Julie Byrne muses on shared commitments, and the bonds that can spring up between us. She says…

“My hope for ‘The Greater Wings’ is that it lives as a love letter to my chosen family and as an expression of the depth of my commitment to our shared future…”

Being reshaped by grief also has me more aware of what death does not take from me. I commit that to heart, to words, to sound. Music is not bound to any kind of linear time, so in the capacity to record and speak to the future: this is what it felt like to me, when we were simultaneous, alive, occurring all at once. What it has felt like to go up against my edge and push, the love that has made it worth all this fight. These memories are my values, they belong with me.”

Tune in now.

Catch Julie Byrne on tour this summer, including a Green Man set and a show at Kings Place Hall in London on July 26th.

Photo Credit: Tonje Thilesen

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