Joya Mooi Announces New Album

Check out her gorgeous new single 'Roselle'...

Amsterdam based Joya Mooi has shared plans for her new album.

The ambitious project finds the R&B artist moving into fresh creative areas, a spirit untethered to her previous work. Pouring herself into each song, Joya Mooi will split the album into two parts, with Side A set to land on September 30th. Side B follows next year, with Joya keeping the title under wraps.

Melding together her thoughts on social change with aspects of her personal life, the new work offers an interchange between inner and outer worlds. Take new single ‘Roselle’ – a gorgeous piece R&B songwriting, it discusses identity, beauty, and where our lives could take us next.

The video dips into Joya’s own heritage; shot in South Africa, it looks at diasporic connections that cross oceans – sometimes the result of history’s darker aspects.

“‘Roselle’ is inspired by the roselle hibiscus flower – a celebration of cross-continental traditions, despite their painful origin. One plant (amongst many others) is part of the botanical legacy that connects the African Diaspora with the transatlantic slave trade. I think there’s something magical and interesting about these traditions that exist over 400 years, stemming from a horrendous past.”

Tap in below.

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