Jouska (Sassy 009) Launches ‘Suddenly My Mind Is Blank’

It's her second solo LP...

Oslo based aesthete Jouska has laid out plans for her new album ‘Suddenly My Mind Is Blank’.

The musician is part of the band for Sassy 009, but her solo work is also well-worth exploring. New album ‘Suddenly My Mind Is Blank’ is out on February 17th via local label Koke Plate, and the process of making it transformed Jouska’s relationship with art.

“Throughout this process I’ve worked on becoming a better producer and songwriter,” she says. “I’m liquid when it comes to music. My mind is set on making something emotional and refreshing. Some people might find my music schizophrenic, but playing with different genres and moods is what makes Jouska what it is.” 

Out next month, Jouska has shared the dreamy, darkly enticing single ‘Death Sentence’ as a primer – tune in below.

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