It's a powerful, timely single...

Rising star Josie Proto has released the confrontational new single ‘I Just Wanna Walk Home’ via Island Records.  

‘I Just Wanna Walk Home’ was written in response to the extreme measures women have to take to get back safely, with its cover art featuring the keys that many women clutch in their knuckles for self-defence when walking home at night.

Backed by low-key guitar, Josie’s Lilly Allen-flecked vocals are direct and cutting, with part of the hook “Isn’t it amazing / What I’m contemplating / To get home” illustrating her anger directly.

Metaphor and simile are eschewed in the verses as well, as she sings of being “careful to show her face on the CCTV” and telling “a joke to the bouncer so he’d remember me leave”. Josie focuses on the toxic media culture which blames victims, even mentioning wearing jeans to avoid this.

On the new single, Josie said…

“I was surprised to learn that most of the male presences in my life were not aware of the genuine fears that many women face on a daily basis. Women do everything they can. The stories I have heard of women taking chunks out of their hair in taxis where they felt uncomfortable in order to ensure that their DNA would be found if they were to go missing…”  

“I am exhausted by the efforts that I have to take in order to firstly, get home safely and secondly, ensure that if something were to happen, I wouldn’t be blamed. I am so exhausted. I’m not a politician, and I don’t know how to solve this. But this is what I feel and that cannot be disputed.”

Listen to the heart-wrenching new single below…

Words: Jack Oxford

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