Jazz singer talks new album

Returning American jazz star Jose James has spoken about his recent collaboration with Flying Lotus.

Jazz is one of American's most enduring cultural exports. Capable of absorbing African rhythms, Cuban harmonies and much more a new generation of musicians have begun to merge jazz with electronic music.

Jose James is perhaps the best known of these new musicians. Signed to Gilles Peterson's imprint Brownswood the singer recently returned with his new album 'Black Magic' which featured guest production from Flying Lotus.

Speaking exclusively to ClashMusic, the singer recalled how the pair met. "He asked me to work on a track for ‘Los Angeles’ and that was the beginning" said Jose James.

"We had made this track called ‘Visions Of Violet’ and we seemed to find a way to move forward. We just kept making tracks – not necessarily for a record, but just for fun. So we made the track ‘Black Magic’ and I thought, “actually this is pretty good”. It happened by default."

The singer then revealed how the pair managed to craft new material, despite operating thousands of miles apart. "It was all email" claimed Jose James. "We’re never in the same city at the same time. I’ve only met with him about five times over a couple of years. I met him in Scotland once, then mostly London".

"We’re both pretty busy, so it was easy if we sent each other about fifteen, twenty tracks or something. Over the course of time he would send me stuff, then I would add some other parts to it. He would write it in Los Angeles or on tour, then I would add vocals in New York. I would work on top of his composition. It went back and forth for a couple of years. The whole process took a couple of years. I started with Lotus and ended with Lotus."

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