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Joris Delacroix and Cebb combine on new single 'Need Your Attention'.

The two share deep roots, a pair of French artists whose paths are separate, yet touch upon similar places.

Joris Delacroix is evidently in a collaborative mood, recently sparring with Run Rivers on his single 'Early Hours'.

New release 'Need Your Attention' finds the producer dipping back into his deep house roots, a lush construction that includes work from Cebb.

Crafted in the south of France, there's a sense of freedom and independence within 'Need Your Attention'.

Joris comments...

“When we started composing ‘Need Your Attention’, it was a very special moment. We were in a big old mansion at a winery in the south of France, and feeling both happy to be here, making music with friends, and also kind of sad because of the covid situation.”

“These mixed emotions define the mood of the track. CEEB and I come from house and techno music backgrounds but this track was not made for dance floors, because we thought there was no use to make another 'DJ Track' as there were actually no gigs to play it. We tried to make music differently to still get people’s attention because, in the end, as artists, this is something we need.”

A live clip has also been placed online, featuring Joris and Cebb performance at the historic Opera Comédie in Montpellier, France.

Beautifully shot, you can check it out below.

Photo Credit: Guilhem Canal

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