'Tortoise, Hare, And Smokey The Bear' is online now...

Jordan W. Carter wants to impact his personality on music.

As a result, nothing is straight-forward. Capable of being funny and also completely serious, his skewed take on rap is intricate but never boastful.

Out now, 'TORTOISE, HARE, AND SMOKEY THE BEAR' finds the rapper - who hails from southwest Atlanta, but is based in Brooklyn - charging into new areas.

There's a playful side to his work, but that playfulness is being used to uncover something special.

As he puts it:

“This is a playfully erotic stoner’s anthem that is both ‘show-offy’ and witty – similar to the wit displayed by the hare in Brer Rabbit in 'Songs Of The South'. The song has playful trickster vibes like it’s rapped by a young trap rabbit hopping along in the forest kissing everyone on the cheek and never forgetting to inquire if they need to buy weed.”

With lush production and a willingness to side-step trends, Jordan W. Carter is busy focussing on his own lane, while allowing others to follow.

Tune in now.

- - -


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