Jordan Alexander Announces Debut Album ‘Now You’re Caught Up’

And shares a beautiful new single...

Jordan Alexander has shared plans for her debut album ‘Now You’re Caught Up’.

The Canadian star-in-waiting caught our attention with some sublime singles, melting together R&B with pop potential. Her debut album ‘Now You’re Caught Up’ was written almost by accident, studio sessions affording her a space for untapped feelings.

As the songs flowed, the album came into shape – a cycle about heartbreak, and learning to forgive yourself. Out on September 4th, she comments: “All the songs on the album are different variations of me processing a situation. I thought I had found a true love and then everything just got all fucked up. I was trying to find what made sense after being so wrong.”

Out now, new single ‘Scared To Get Close’ is divine – the sound of a talent coming into bloom, there’s a precocious assurance to the way Jordan Alexander sculpts her vocals.

She comments…

“When you’re really into someone, and you start this emotional tug of war, where you want to shut down completely to protect the vulnerable parts of yourself, but you also want to be able to open up just enough so you don’t miss out on a chance at love. It’s really scary, cause there is no guarantee, you just have to take the risk…”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Jorian Charlton

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