Musicians Sets Up Petition

Jon McClure, lead singer with Reverend & The Makers, have set up a petition on the official website of the Prime Minister's office in an attempt to get the Metropolitan Police to stop using Form 696.

The form is used in risk assessments at gigs, and ask for the ethnicity of those who may be attending, as well as the style of music that will be played. Quite what this has to do with risk assessment is beyond us.

In response McClure has created the petition, to protest against what he calls is "racial discrimination". The indie star is not the first industry figure to draw attention to the form. Undertones' legend Feargal Sharkey has reported its use to the Equality And Human Rights Commission, and as head of the industry group UK Music has protested against the form.

Click here to view and sign the form!

The protests against Form 696 are ongoing.

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