Guitarist set to work on book

Johnny Marr has revealed that he is set to begin writing his autobiography after signing a book deal.

Johnny Marr is a true indie icon. As the guitarist in The Smiths, the Manchester musician pulled the instrument away from its masculine connotations to craft of new language, a new means of playing.

One half of the most celebrated partnership in indie music, Johnny Marr later worked with Electronic before retreating from music.

Recently working with Modest Mouse, Johnny Marr then decided to join The Cribs. Becoming an icon to a whole new generation, the guitarist could now be set to reflect on thirty years in British music.

Speaking to fans on Twitter, Johnny Marr broke the news about a potential autobiography. I have been offered a book deal, a serious one," he wrote. "I'd get into it and that would mean less time on songs. It will happen though."

Later he added: "It will be an autobiography of course."

Johnny Marr often refused to talk about The Smiths, believing them to exist in the past. Recently helping Morrissey curated a 'Best Of' it seems that the guitarist may have been thrown into a nostalgic mood.

Funnily enough, Morrissey has claimed to be working on his own autobiography. A section from the proposed book appeared in a recent prose anthology, and focussed on the Moors murders.

Meanwhile, Johnny Marr is continuing to make music. Working with composer Hans Zimmer on the soundtrack to 'Inception' their work has been honoured with a nomination at this year's BAFTA Awards.

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