"I’m truly and completely enjoying my work"

John Lydon has spoken exclusively to ClashMusic about working with Public Image Limited.

Post-punk legends, Public Image Limited were placed on hiatus back in 1993. Spending time touring the world with reformed Sex Pistols, singer John Lydon decided to bring PiL out of retirement last year.

Celebrating the anniversary of seminal album 'Metal Box' the band played a series of British tour dates. With more shows scheduled for this summer, Public Image Limited seem to be a lasting project.

Speaking to ClashMusic, John Lydon revealed that he loves working with the rejuvenated band. "For the first time ever, I’m truly and completely enjoying my work. There are many, many problems: business and financial but they’re surmountable."

"What you can never get over is animosities. There’s no need for it, PiL doesn’t make music because it hates people. Quite the opposite. It’s an act of love!"

Continuing, the singer explained that Public Image Limited have an enormous amount of freedom onstage. "It means on stage we can expand the songs into new environments. With the utmost respect of course to the audience. When people come to see PiL they come to enjoy themselves."

"With no negativity, there’s no ‘us and them’ attitude. It’s a completely non-violent situation and one of utmost respect. It’s quite a different universe."

John Lydon claimed that he remains proud of the continuing achievements of PiL. "Its great the ideas that are flowing around in our heads, it’s wonderful, it really is. I could go all soppy and sentimental on it. It really means that much to me" he explained.

"This band for me is something that surpasses the trivia of what the industry usually churns out. There have been so many major bands that have taken from us. Some with respect, mostly out of mockery (laughs). Where they say ‘well anyone could play that’. The point being that no one else did come up with it. We were instrumental in creating new genres, ideas of how songwriting can be."

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