"He's done very well for himself"

John Lydon has raised eyebrows by coming out in support of the Royal Wedding.

The Royal Family is a peculiar little anachronism which continues to divide opinion. Now the heir to the throne is set to marry - in the middle of a challenging economic period - and the debate is raging over their future.

Now John Lydon has surprised some fans by coming out in support of the wedding. Writing an article for The Sun, the one time punk idol has offered his congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton.

"This is a beautiful love story and I like that. He's done very well for himself - she's bang on the money! He got the No1 contender" he explained. "People think I hate the Royal Family, but that's not true. My animosity is towards the institution, not the people themselves."

The Sex Pistols of course were responsible for 'God Save The Queen', arguably one of the finest singles to emerge from the punk era. Ranting against the pomp and ceremony of the Silver Jubilee, it was seized upon by anti-Royalists.

In an article which is sure to raise eyebrows amongst some fans, John Lydon repeatedly offers his congratulations. However the singer does also get in a few barbed remarks about the Church of England and of course The Queen.

"When I was growing up there was a Mother Superior tone coming off the Queen and I found her to be repulsively, bitterly condescending. But I don't get that from this lot" admitted the punk icon. They've mellowed that out. Charles is a really good-natured bloke who talks to plants. There's nothing wrong with that.

"It really was a problem when I was young. We couldn't understand what that remote institution was all about. They were not value for money."

Finishing, John Lydon argued that the wedding would have a positive effect on Britain. "It will do wonders for Britain. Their wedding will become like an advertising campaign. Not deliberately - but it will" he said. "It will put England back on the map and we'll be given a voice for the first time in ages. They get my backing to have a happy marriage. As people there's nothing wrong with them. Yippee."

"There is a despondency looming over Britain just now. People need to open their eyes and see some good nature at work. I don't think Kate is just after his money and the title. There is more to this. It is love."

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