John Foxx Prepares ‘London Overgrown’

New album due in October...

John Foxx remains a truly remarkable, always insightful figure.

The ever-industrious producer is due to release new album 'London Overgrown' on October 23rd, a record which comes equipped with an intriguing note.

The material was seemingly inspired by the ruins John Foxx encountered in the early 80s, a time when large swathes of London were derelict and 'gentrification' had yet to become such a buzz word.

Imagining a city becoming truly overgrown, these fantasies underpin the new album. John Foxx seeks to propose "an actual city. A plan for London. A beautiful new overgrown city. Perhaps this may be initiated gradually, by obtaining permission to allow a street or two to become overgrown, them it may come to be seen as a Post Carbon City, a way of greening London…"

Check out new track 'London Overgrown' below.

John Foxx is due to release 'London Overgrown' on October 23rd. Tracklisting:

1. Oceanic II
2. The Beautiful Ghost
3. A Man, A Woman And A City
4. London Overgrown
5. A Small Revolving World
6. Everything Is Illuminated
7. Often Now, I Wake
8. Persistence Of Vision
9. City Of Mirage
10. Imaginary Music

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