joan’s ‘nervous’ Is A Transportive Pop Statement

An impeccable melodic construction...

Alt-pop duo joan have shared their new single ‘nervous’.

The pair have a habit of constructing forward-thinking bops, the kind of impeccable singles that remain lodged in your sub-conscious for weeks on end. A string of projects have made their name, with joan set to release new album ‘superglue’ on April 19th.

Following recent stand-outs ‘flowers’ and ‘don’t wanna be your friend’, new single ‘nervous’ is now online. An insistent return, the song was built alongside two friends, and it finds joan revelling in carefree creativity.

The band share…

We wrote this song with the lovely Emily Falvey of Nashville and Jonathan Capeci from Nightly, and the second we all walked into the room together there was immediate chemistry between us.

We wanted to get as close to the emotion of a sort of school like love story, where you constantly want to be around them but you also literally feel like you’re going to throw up because you’re so… nervous (wink), and you don’t want to say the wrong thing around them. it’s such a cool and distinct feeling, we hope this song takes you back to that place.

Tune in now.

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