JK The Sage Shares Electronic Journey ‘Patterns / To the sea’

Tune in now...

French electronic musician JK The Sage has shared his new single 'Patterns / To The Sea'.

The digital savant is only 23 years old, yet already he's moving in his own lane.

Working with real assurance, JK The Sage displays a measured sense of creativity, drawing on a broad palette.

New track 'Patterns / To The Sea' firmly links his work to the organic, seeking out natural, beatific landscapes to background his composition.

Bubbling digitalism given a human feel, the piece ebbs and flows, slowly finding its own path and then engaging with its surroundings.

JK The Sage comments…

"The world, earth and nature is full of patterns. Whether that’s in the geometry of any natural elements, a flower, a tree or in our own thoughts, everything happens in cycles. The cycle of seasons, the patterns of the waves, the sun that goes up and down everyday, the full moon that happens once a month, it is truly fascinating. 'Patterns / To the sea' is about the contemplation of our own lives, nature, earth and the universe. In this music I tell the story of what happens in my life when I started exploring the links between my own mind & the outside world."

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: @nunugrams

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