JGrrey Links With Kojey Radical On Beautiful New Song ‘May’

"Time's a healer..."

JGrrey and Kojey Radical link on new single ‘May’.

The two have known one another for a decade, two friends finding their path through music. But when JGrrey began crafting ‘May’, she knew that only one artist could help add that distinctive energy.

A song about friendship, loss, and learning to appreciate those in your lives, ‘May’ is delicately soulful, while also providing an example of JGrrey at her most focussed and intense. A song penned in memory of a friend who passed, she introduces it by saying…

“For James,

Forgetting the sound of someone’s laugh isn’t something I thought I’d lose so much sleep over…James died and had his funeral on my birthday (classic James) – he left suddenly, dramatically magically..like? I still don’t really believe he’s gone.. like he’s giggling somewhere, laughing at us all for missing him so much. This video and this song are for him.”

Kojey’s bars are fantastic, the work of an artist who can shift and evolve his music to adopt to the landscape around him. JGrrey says of her colleague…

“I’ve known Kojey for about 10 years and the timing aligned for us to work together. I knew that whatever I sent to Kojey, he would listen. I hadn’t created something that I felt made sense to send him, until writing May.” 

 Pip + Lib direct the full video, which stars JGrrey as the focal point of a support group which breaks down into violence.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Riya Hollings

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