It's an impeccable series of R&B slow jams...

JGrrey makes it all look effortless.

Each new release from the vocalist has that relaxed feel, a laid back approach that turns her gilded slow jams into heavenly R&B.

New EP 'Grrey Daze' is her boldest statement yet, full of gorgeous production, nuanced songwriting, and those stellar vocals.

Out now, it opens with 'Feelings', a song JGrrey tells Clash she finds "comfort in, I remember writing to it and thinking that I didn’t feel rushed, it could just take its own time, it’s laid back an honest, two traits I pride myself in also."

Those are traits that keep on occurring on the EP. Take her recent single 'Pretty Insane', which was "a free-style, just an instrumental I liked and myself singing obscure truths about how I felt... I do it all the time, this one just worked out well." 

'God's House' is one of the project's centrepieces, and it's one of the vocalist's personal favourites. "It was initially a song I’d written when I was hungover," she recalls. When I met Linden, the producer, I asked if we could make something of a song I’d wrote... just another truth."

'Notice' began "with Kadiata and I" before reaching its final form; designed as the opposite of 'Feelings' it's "an up beat song about someone who has no idea what their dealing with".

The final track is also JGrrey's favourite, with 'Something' emerging from sessions with Douvelle, a producer she had never even met in the flesh before.

"One day I wasn’t in the mood to work or write or anything... he asked why and I described how I felt a couple of hours later he sent me this track with cut up samples of my breaths from other stems I’ve sent and he explained he’d made it to match my mood... I listened to it while I walked my dog in the rain and I think it made me cry," she recalls. "So when I got back upstairs I turned my mic on and started free-styling".

Out now, 'Grrey Daze' is a beautiful accomplishment - tune in now.

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