Jeshi’s ‘Paid Partnership’ Illustrates His Playful Side

There's a full EP incoming, too...

Jeshi returns with ‘Paid Partnership’.

A true creative all-rounder, his new EP ‘The Great Stink’ lands on October 20th. The title is a reference to a Victorian term for London, termed in 1858 when the city’s poor sewage system finally gave up the ghost – covering the metropolis in an unrelentingly foul smell.

A metaphor for Broken Britain? You decide.

Jeshi comments…

The Great Stink is a metaphor for all this stinky shit going on in my day-to-day life in London, we wanted to make an EP that really feels like that. Entirely produced by longtime collaborators and friends Max Frith and Cajm with help from Fredwave and Jonah we recorded and worked on this in this haunted feeling AirBNB in the middle of nowhere in Wales.

New single ‘Paid Partnership’ is Jeshi at his most playful, a surreal insight into the rise of the teenage wheeler-dealer. You know the types: they queue up for a limited Supreme drop, only to sell them on Depop via their phones on the bus home. In a way, you admire the flex.

Catchy and humorous, ‘Paid Partnership’ is a homage to kids trying to make it on their own. He comments…

The new single ‘Paid Partnership’ is really tongue and cheek all about this generation’s ability to make money selling shit online and the mad life that comes with that… wanted to do something funny.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Francis Plummer

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