Motown inflections from the Manchester vocalist...

Jermaine Peterson returns with his moving new single 'Missing You'.

The Manchester songwriter dips into his Motown passions for the track, one that utilises the full force of his soulful voice.

Matching classic influences against a very modern approach, he's joined by South London’s Sey G on production.

Sombre and downcast, it also features a potent spoken word passage from Reece Williams.

Jermaine comments: “Ultimately, ‘Missing You’ is a portrayal of somebody who can’t let go of their emotional baggage and a depiction of the bitterness/darkness that builds over time when holding onto pain/trauma. We have all been guilty of this, that’s why it was so easy for me to connect to the character’s emotions.”

He continues: “When I say ‘Harking back to Motown’ I mean the vulnerability and emotion that male artists (such as Smokey Robinson, Al Green, etc.) used to display in their music. I personally feel that, due to ever-changing societal norms, we have lost the vulnerable male to a screen of masculine bravado these days and truly emotional music has become a rarity. That's why I feel that this song is important.”

Tune in now.

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