Jeremy Zucker, BENEE Link On ‘I’m So Happy’

"You’d call me up, we’d fuck, make up..."

Hitting global stardom in 2018 with alt-poppy cut ‘all the kids are depressed’, New Jersey singer-songwriter Jeremy Zucker took the world by storm. Besides his own tracks, Zucker had credits on projects by Alexander23, blackbear and Chelsea Cutler, with the entire industry recognising his knack for a sweet love song. This time, Zucker has teamed up with Aotearoa (New Zealand) pop superstar BENEE on new single ‘I’m So Happy’.

Based around a bedroom pop meets bossa nova guitar loop, ‘I’m So Happy’ has Zucker at his best: singing about someone he adores. Lyrically, Zucker and BENEE sing of opposing views of a person, with Zucker discussing the good, and BENEE discussing the blunt negatives, showing the clarity and regret after a relationship ending – “Now I can’t stand you, and I can’t believe all the time I would waste with you, you’d call me up, we’d fuck, make up…”

The track is sparse, with the guitar loop and a simple drum machine beat pushing the song forward. Now and again, the track shapeshifts and evolves, adding in touches of percussion, filtered drums and synthesisers. Zucker and BENEE’s voices complement each other beautifully: BENEE’s velvety higher register sits well with Zucker’s occasionally gravelly timbre. As of late, BENEE has been a serial collaborator. Even after releasing her own fantastic EP, ‘Lychee’, earlier this year, the Aotearoa artist has shown up on tracks by Easy Life, Deaton Chris Anthony and Johnny Orlando (among quite a few more).

Her instantly recognisable vocals have consistently been elevating tracks, and ‘I’m So Happy’ is no
different. Though it seems like a classic Jeremy Zucker moment, the addition of BENEE is what truly makes the track shine.

Tune in now.

Words: James Mellen

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