Jemima Coulter Shares New Album ‘Grace After A Party’

A hallucinatory experience, with a revelatory feel...

Jemima Coulter has shared new album ‘Grace After A Party’ in full.

Out now on Hand In Hive, it find this potent songwriter moving in a solo sphere. Lauded as a collaborator – they make up 50% of duo Hailaiker, alongside Ed Tullett – Jemima has also worked alongside the likes of Squirrel Flower, S Carey, and Novo Amor.

‘Grace After A Party’ is a full solo vision, 11 tracks that peers into the magical. In a note to accompany the project, Jemima Coulter writes:

“Listening to [the album] gives me a feeling I think most similar to after having a really intense lucid dream, where your day seems to be split in dual reality and you’re not really sure which one is which. I created somewhere that I could escape to: Southern Europe, bohemian New York, the circus. I imagined people in my mind – had conversations I’d never had.”

“It all comes together to create an album that’s a hallucination where I’m half me half someone else. Sometimes watching, sometimes being, sometimes real, sometimes surreal. The narratives are patched together, things that happened next to things I only dreamed about and things that are not real at all, just something I read somewhere.” 

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Christina Russell 

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