Rising Leeds duo continue to chart their own path...

Jellyskin are a Leeds duo formed around the boyfriend-girlfriend duo of Will Ainsley and Zia Larty-Healy, whose experiment cosmic pop opuses have lit up the gloaming darkness throughout 2017.

The air's material to date has covered sauntering dreamy prog rehashes, intense gothic Suicide-meets-Stereolab outbursts, and meandering synth heavy daydreams.

New single ‘Snow Sky’ is vibrant, alive with technicolour synth stabs, ticking drum machines and clunking percussion, that provides the perfect backdrop for ethereal vocal harmonies.

It fizzes, and whizzes, and pops, at the helm of Ainsley’s psychotropic synthwork, launching the listener into an angular, unfamiliar Dr Parnassus style imaginarium of psychedelic pop.

Below, give ‘Snow Sky; further proof of Jellyskin’s versatile brilliance; a first listen.

Words: Cal Cashin
Photo Credit: Casey Orr

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