Son Would Have Loved Campaign

The recent chart success of Jeff Buckley's rendition of 'Hallelujah' has delighted the late singer's mother, who claimed in a recent interview that Buckley himself would have loved the recent fan campaign.

Mary Guibert was married to Tim Buckley in the mid 60s, to whom she had the singer Jeff Buckley. Guibert raised Buckley Jr, and the two were exceptionally close.

Recently a stunning internet campaign by fans in reaction to X Factor star Alexandra Burke recording a Buckley-lite version of 'Hallelujah' launched the Buckley version back into the charts. Although it couldn't dislodge Burke from top spot, Jeff Buckley currently sits at number two in the British charts.

In a new interview with The Independent, Guibert claims that Buckley would have loved the campaign. "I think Jeff would have found this Number One thing very amusing. It's ironic in so many ways. I mean, here is 'The X Factor', run by Simon Cowell, who is supposed to be the ultimate taste arbiter, and they've been run to the wire by my son."

"It's come about so organically, with no record label pushing it, and I think Jeff would have loved that, and loved his fans for doing it."

Of her late son, Guibert said "if Jeff had lived, he would now be on a level with Bono".

"He would have toured the world and had a lifelong career, and at the end of it, he would have been that guy sitting in a wheelchair with the microphone specially lowered six inches, so that we could all hear him sing 'Hallelujah one more time."


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