Guitarist offers from advice

Legendary axe slinger Jeff Beck has offered his advice on living dangerously exclusively to ClashMusic.

Earning a reputation as an inventive guitarist with The Yardbirds, Jeff Beck turned solo for a dazzling career. Forming The Jeff Beck Group with a then unknown Rod Stewart, the guitarist arguably invented hard rock two years before Led Zeppelin.

Inducted into the 'Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame' last year, Jeff Beck was joined for an impromptu jam by fellow Yardbirds alumni Jimmy Page.

The pair stunned fans and organisers, with Jeff Beck recounting the incident to ClashMusic. "I’m inquisitive by nature. I change plans all the time. When I was playing the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame thing, when I was inducted, we were going to have Jimmy Page come on and play ‘(Beck’s) Bolero’. But I didn’t think it would be right for him to be being playing rhythm guitar all the way through that one number."

Jimmy Page performed on the original recording, back when he was a jobbing session musician. Continuing, Jeff Beck revealed how the surprise plans to tear through a Led Zeppelin classic came about.

"Then the phone rang and it was Tal Wilkenfeld, my then bass player. She was on the way down in the elevator and told me we should play ‘Immigrant Song’. We were going on in ten minutes and had no time to rehearse. She said, ‘Oh, when you stop at the middle of ‘Bolero’, when the rhythm changes, we’ll kick in to ‘Immigrant Song’.” That’s what I like - right on the hoof."

"Nobody knew, the lighting and sound guys didn’t know, the organisers didn’t know. I just grabbed the microphone and shouted, “Jimmy Paaaage!” And went straight into the song. I loved that. That’s what you call dangerous, that’s living on your reflexes."

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