Living in the Sahara...

Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman has been found alive and well living in the Sahara.

An always unpredictable figure, Killing Joke singer Jaz Coleman has previous for going walkabout. The frontman tends to lead a nomadic life, venturing from place to place often without informing those around him.

However when the singer absconded from a scheduled tour earlier this year, Killing Joke raised the alarm. Worried for his safety, the gothic legends posted a full statement online appealing for information.

Now Jaz Coleman has come forward. The frontman apparently did indeed to venture off on his own, and has been located living a nomadic lifestyle in the Sahara.

Read his statement in full below:

To the relief of family and friends, Killing Joke Frontman Jaz Coleman appeared today from his retreat in the Western Sahara bemused by all the fuss of his disappearance. “I’ve been finishing my book and writing the score for my new project – (The Nirvana Symphonic) – (laughs), what’s all the fuss about then?”

Coleman had apparently been living a nomadic existence for the last month in the desert in order to concentrate on finishing his two current projects. Nirvana looks like becoming a TV show and a concert in Seattle in 2013 and the book and an exclusive Coleman album will be packaged together and available for order as early as next week.

International media picked up on the story last week, sending it global, from the press release announced by the band on the Killing Joke Official Facebook site questioning his whereabouts. Fans from around the world have been more than proactive in their opinions - from random sightings in Christchurch New Zealand, to past recollections of his elusive behaviors in Iceland.

Yet mystery still surrounds the message on Facebook regarding The Cult and The Mission Shows of which Coleman claims no knowledge. 'Looks like this has caused a right ding dong and feel its impossible to continue this tour under the circumstances'. His comments were to wish both The Cult and The Mission the best of luck on the tour, and to find out who has been impersonating him.

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