JayWood’s ‘Shine’ Taps Into The Energies Of 2020

It was written the night George Floyd was murdered...

Winnipeg artist JayWood has shared vital new single 'Shine'.

New album 'Slingshot' is out on July 15th, a song cycle that builds into the narrative of a single day.

A project shaded in light and darkness, album highlight 'Shine' is now online in full.

The track was written the night George Floyd was murdered, and it's imbued with the purpose and emotion of 2020.

McKinley Dixon appears on the track, with the percussive attack giving way to that soft vocal: “In the end just let my people shine.”

"I don't think I’ve ever really felt activated or militant as much as I did the summer of 2020," says JayWood. “It was an exhausting time but I wanted to try to do something to commentate on everything that was happening. As soon as the idea came to make a hip hop song I knew I had to get McKinley on it. The way he writes is so wild, I felt inspired to do something on that level as well."

Tune in now.

'Slingshot' is out on July 15th.

Photo Credit: Tonje Thilsesen

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