Jayda G Shares ‘Blue Lights’

It touches on aspects of Black masculinity...

Jayda G has shared new song ‘Blue Lights’.

The producer’s new album ‘Guy’ is out on June 9th, and it incorporates the voice of her father. As it turns out, he was a radio DJ during the 60s, a role that saw him accidentally swept up in the Washington Race Riots of 1968.

Exiting the station, he was drawn into a flood of people, witnessing at first hand the unleashing of pent up anger. This sense of release permeates ‘Blue Lights’, offering an opaque sense of soul that utilises sound in a subtle yet striking way.

Drawing on those familial experiences, Jayda G notes the cyclical nature of history – how white supremacy re-asserts itself, and issues of civil rights and anti-racism become more and more relevant.

“I think it was very much a turning point for him,” says Jayda. “I think it was a turning point for everyone at that time. You know, you have the Vietnam War, people don’t know why they’re sending people over there, and at home you have all these horrible things happening in the Black community and people are just fucking tired of it.”

“What’s interesting is that while I was writing this album, the BLM movement was also happening, and people were again thinking around the issues of being Black, being male, being in poverty, dealing with racism, dealing with police, and police brutality in our society and I remember thinking that, yeah, it hasn’t changed in a lot of ways.”

A powerful piece of electronic music, ‘Blue Lights’ finds Jayda G forging an impeccably original path.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Nabil Elderkin 

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